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the only real solution is you gotta hook up with people who live five train stops in either direction away from you, minimum.

sure it'll be annoying when you're waiting forever for the red line in the dark and bitter cold with your panties balled up in your coat pocket, but if life were a movie you would return home after a grueling day at the office, sexily loosen your tie as you drop your briefcase in the mudroom (being careful not to trip over the assorted wet boots and grimy dog leashes and empty diet coke cans that fell out of the recycling bin scattered across the floor), brush past the towering stack of overdue credit card bills on the kitchen counter to take the stairs two at a time up to the master bedroom where your beloved sits weeping over a text from that one dude she really thought she was gonna marry back in 2007.

The best part of the card​ is having no annual fee.living is a mistake, which is why shower sex usually winds up with one or more of the naked parties shivering alone at the back of the shower trying not to slip in a viscous glob of body wash while the other gasps and sputters as shampoo burns her sensitive eyes.my husband and i are dear friends with a younger couple.Instead, my asking prices were very reasonable, just enough to cover all the tax, international express shipping, and Paypal fees with a little left over for unexpected costs.So as the pick-up requests came in, I went on multiple visits to the Apple store, buying no more than 2 per day since I had heard there was a limit per person.

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I had planned on reviewing the i Pad in my next post, but instead I’ll dedicate this entry to my photo below and an incident that happened today. (UPDATE: now posted) As was correctly guessed, those i Pads in the photo are not for me.