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Who is lana turner dating

Her image combined sex appeal and vulnerability, both imbued with a sense of danger. Its sexiness stems not from the garment itself, but from suggestion — a body bursting to get out yet still contained and, as such, safe.

Her daughter Cheryl Crane said Lana would describe love as “heels-over-chin, pinwheels-on-fire in love.” She was once quoted as saying, “I think men are exciting, and the gal who denies that men are exciting is either a lady with no corpuscles or a statue.” Lana Turner was classy about her past relationships when they got married. I’ve seen her in hundreds of pictures and dozens of films, and each time she looks like a slightly different person. Um, do you think I could get Lana Turner to read that to me? She was crowned “The Sweater Girl,” which, at least for me, brings to mind images of Norwegians in thick, musty nordic sweaters, but this was a different type of sweater.Turner was a chameleon, a Hollywood-made confection, a liar, a victim, and a real-life, party to one of the most infamous — and tragic — Hollywood scandals. It was short sleeved, tight on the breasts, and kinda looked like it had been shrunk in the wash — the sexy sweater.Before the night was out, Turner's 14-year-old daughter confessed to delivering the fatal wounds.Cheryl Crane, whose father was restaurateur Stephen Crane, said she stabbed Stompanato to protect her mother from what she thought was Stompanato's homicidal rage.

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As her publicity team sold it, an agent spotted her sitting at Schwab’s Pharmacy in Los Angeles wearing a tight sweater, daintily licking an ice cream cone, and asked her if she’d like to be in pictures, to which she replied “I’ll have to ask my mother.” The story was a fiction — in actuality, editor Willie Wilkerson spotted her at the downmarket Top Hat Cafe, where she was skipping school and probably eating a chicken fried steak. The studio sold her as All-American and wholesome, and her roles, youth, and blondness all seemed to match. Instead of a nice courtship with, say, Andy Hardy or Mickey Rooney, Turner went on a date with Artie Shaw, the most popular big band leader of the era and a man 11 years her senior, and up and got married.