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For men, it's awesome because HBS, for better or for worse, has a powerful effect on women, especially in Boston.So a lot of my single friends would go out to BU bars and get girls or date girls from Harvard Law and even Harvard Med.’ “The breakups started pretty quickly, and the pace has increased as the (first) semester has worn on,” she wrote.“Nearly every day I run into yet another person who’s suddenly minus their plus one. And why is it that us single people are having a hard time? How do the students juggle their work load and their personal life?What do they hope to achieve once they have gained an MBA?

“Whenever I’d visit him, I’d have to concentrate really hard to forget about deadlines and assignments,” she says.Many people venture to business school with the expectation that they will collide with the person who will become their life’s love partner.Forget it, says Megan Fischer, a first-year Harvard Business School student.They tend to focus on new experiences and the multi-cultural, inter-class exploration of the human anatomy.All styles are welcome, and this group even tends to develop some internal competition driven by unclear goals and parameters.

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