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Law360, New York (March 22, 2016, PM EDT) -- Intimate secrets. But despite tough treatment by discipline commissions on lawyers who cross the line, experts say there are some gray areas in the ethical boundaries around sex with clients that lawyers should be aware of, even if just to help them avoid professional quicksand.“States vary in wording of their rules, but the common theme is that the [conduct] committees look with...

The list of reasons lawyers shouldn’t get romantically involved with clients goes on and on.

In addition, California Business & Professions Code Section 6106.9 makes it a basis for discipline, and Rule 3-120 of the California Rules of Professional Conduct makes it unethical for a lawyer to either demand or require sexual relations as a condition of the professional relationship.

Although an attorney is not specifically prohibited from having an intimate relationship with a client, both Rule 3-120 and Section 6109.9 set forth that an attorney’s representation should cease if, as a result of the sexual relationship, his or her services cannot be competently carried out.

Many lawyers have close personal friendships with former clients.Obviously a lot of these areas of misconduct are "no brainers" but it is interesting to see the sorts of things that are catching the eye of disciplinary commissions around the nation.In Illinois some of the recent disciplinary decisions are found in a summary of such cases published by the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.The following takes a look at various lawyer disciplinary cases decided around the country recently.Many of these cases involved domestic relations but not all of them.

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—Dating after divorce can be exciting, and terrifying, and is often a milestone moment signifying that you are finally ready to move on with your life.

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